About the session: 1.00pm - 2.00pm Day 2

Allan Preiss, McArthur
Culture - What it is, why it matters and your role in creating it

 "The problems with our banks are the result of an appalling culture."


"Ball tempering happened because of the win at all costs culture prevalent in Australian cricket."


As early childhood owners and directors you are rightfully focused on occupancy rates and profitability.  However, these things are the outcomes of the many things you do to bring families into your centre.  Chief among these, we keep hearing, is to build the “right” culture.  This is crucial to building successful and sustainable organisations. 

But how clear are we about what you mean by the right culture?  And how do you communicate that to your people?  And what role do you play as a leader in creating and maintaining the culture that is critical in ensuring the best possible outcomes for the children, their families and educators?


These are some of the questions we will look at in this interactive session. Participants should be prepared to think and talk about what they see as the culture in their centre and how it impacts the way educators work with the children, families and each other.