Aisling Quigley
Cool Karma Collected

Aisling discovered yoga and mindfulness in the midst of her fast-paced career in media and marketing and very quickly realised that these tools would become an integral part of being able to hold the balance of a high-pressure corporate life while maintaining health and happiness in her personal life.


Recognising that she wanted to share these invaluable tools with others, Aisling trained with some of the best Mindfulness and yoga teachers in Australia and has now moved away from her career to become a teacher and corporate facilitator of Mindfulness and Yoga. 


One of Cool Karma Collected's most well regarded facilitators, Aisling's sessions are down to earth and easily relatable. She keeps things as interactive and practical as possible and leaves participants feeling both rejuvenated and calm.


During Aisling’s 60 minute session on Day 2 of the conference, participants can expect to be involved in an introduction to practising mindfulness. They will have the opportunity to experience 4 different practices and walk away with some tangible tools that they can use in everyday life.