About the keynote session: 9.30am - 10.30am Day 1

Craig Harper
High Performance In Business and Life

What does it mean to be a high-performer? In health? Happiness? Fitness? Business? Career? Sport? Relationships? Life? Who succeeds and why? How can we maximise our time, skills, knowledge and talent to produce ‘better’ in our world? How do we turn our goals and dreams (theoretical ‘somethings’) into actual results (real-world ‘somethings’)?


How do we deal with fear in its many forms (procrastination, anxiety, low self-esteem, over-thinking, anger, avoidance) and how do we continue to learn, grow and evolve despite our normal human limitations? Why do some people waste their time, opportunities and potential and how can we be the exception?


How can we become the calm in the chaos? The leader not the follower? The solution person not the problem person? And in the middle of it all, how can we discover (or maybe, create) our own life purpose?

If some or all of these questions resonate with you, this presentation could be the catalyst for a new chapter in the book of YOU