Other activities

Create art with our Artist in Residence!
Dr Red Ruby Scarlet will be Pedagogical Artist in Residence for the duration of the conference. You will have the opportunity to work with Dr Scarlet and other conference delegates to create a large scale collective transient artwork - an opportunity to experience and express a professional collaboration that brings together arts practice, sustainability, care for Country, maths, science, gifting and gratitude.

Dr Scarlet’s notion is that ‘Art Adventures for Educators’ enables those working with children to find small and achievable ways to incorporate ethical, sustainable and respectful arts practices into everyday curriculum. You will be able to return to your educational settings with a myriad of ideas about bringing leaning areas together and illustrating how leading with arts practice enables deep, rich, sophisticated and beautiful learning.


Get moving in the Activity Hub!
The Activity Hub will be a space set aside in the Exhibition for some hands on, play-based learning for adults! Maybe try some food tasting, baby settling, yoga or dance. It’s new and exciting and details will be released closer to the time.

Be swept up by magic!

Magic is about creating a moment in time, where something truly impossible takes place, that you'll never forget witnessing. Our Master of Ceremonies Josh Staley, Melbourne based Conjurer, will create these moments for us all, both as MC and as roving magician.

Be prepared to open yourself up to possibilities and get in touch with your inner child as Josh sweeps you up in moments of magic, fuelling your curiosity and making you wonder “How does he do that?” 


Header image caterpillar girls

ACA Victoria Excellence in ECEC Conference 17 & 18 August 2018