About the session: 1.00pm - 2.00pm Day 1

Galina Zenin, Bonkers Beat
Music and Wellbeing practices through the lens of the revised NQS



Since 1 February 2018, many services and educators have started looking for ways to go ‘above and beyond’ what is expected for meeting National Quality Standards. New guidelines were developed to clarify the difference between Meeting and Exceeding NQS rating levels for each standard. This allows services to improve their curriculum and understand the expectations of the revised NQF.


Many elements of the NQF, including Element 1.1.1. focus on developing the best possible outcomes for children and enhancing their wellbeing. The exploration of creative arts, including music, now plays an even bigger role in meeting these additional expectations.


Some services have found that wellbeing practices which are ‘above and beyond’ Meeting NQS level are still a novelty.


This interactive workshop will inspire and help participants discover how to:

  • embed daily music and wellbeing experiences
  • maximise opportunities for each child’s learning through transitional songs
  • provide opportunities for children to engage in singing, dancing, creative movement, drama, yoga, mindfulness and other educational experiences that enhance children’s wellbeing, learning and development.