Victoria moves to COVIDSafe Summer restrictions

Victoria's Department of Education & Training (DET) has informed the early learning sector that we have now moved into COVIDSafe Summer restrictions. 


This means that traditional activities in early learning services such as incursions, excursions, service tours, orientation & transition programs and events on site such as Annual General Meetings and end of year celebrations are now permitted.  


Certain activities are permitted with specific health measures in place, such as singing and the playing of wind instruments. 


While face masks were not mandatory when working with children, they were required in other situations in an early learning setting. This is no longer the case, Face masks are now recommended when 1.5m distancing cannot be maintained, whether inside or outside. They are not required when working with children.


For further details, download the quick reference guide for the early learning sector here


To make sure we can all stay safe, services are reminded to review the operating guidelines for early childhood education and care services online.