Our members have reported that we served them well in 2021

Every year the team at ACA Victoria invites our members to share their thoughts on the benefits of ACA Victoria membership. We rely on this direct feedback to review our services, take up any practical suggestions and also develop new member benefits to meet our members’ needs and offer them even greater value.

We’d like to send out a huge thank you to those of our members who completed the survey at the start of 2022 to let us know whether we hit the mark last year.

We’re very happy to share that 93% of surveyed members were satisfied (ranging from satisfied to extremely satisfied) with the service and member benefits we provided across 2021.

Which of our member benefits are the highest priority to our members?
We asked our members to rank the services that we offer in order of importance.

Advocacy received the number one vote, with over 50% of our members ranking it as the most important member benefit. 

Second on the list was our regular communications of news, updates and ongoing guidance. This includes out fortnightly eNewsletters and new flashes along with the ACA National updates on topical issues such as COVID protocols and support, the latest changes to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), industrial relations updates, EpiPen shortages and so on.

Third on the list of importance was our Member Helpdesk Support, which allows our members to telephone or email our team of staff with any questions they may have in the context of running their early learning service.

Our Workplace Relations Helpline (serviced by the Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors - ABLA) was ranked as fourth most important member benefit.

Networking opportunities and ongoing learning came in fifth (ie. Members meetings, our Annual Conference/Summit, Leadership Retreats and so on.)

Supplier partnerships and discounts was ranked last – these were ranked as important but not the highest priority.

Our political advocacy
We’re pleased to share that 98% of members surveyed were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our advocacy, which is all about engaging with the Victorian and Australian Governments on behalf of their needs.

This is what some of our member had to say about ACA Victoria’s advocacy on their behalf in 2021:

  • ACA Victoria is always advocating for the sector, as they are aware of the needs and changes that are occurring on the frontline.
  • I think ACA Victoria does an amazing job speaking up on behalf of the sector as I think some decisions made at a government level need to be amended to be workable on the ground so to speak.
  • It’s never easy to communicate with governing agencies and advocating for the sector - a task I am happy for ACA to do on our behalf. This has been of great assistance, particularly with the advocacy for services needing support during the pandemic.

Our regular communications to members
97.5% of members surveyed said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our regular news updates via email, the website and social media.

Here’s what some of our members had to say about ACA Victoria’s regular communications:

  • ACA Victoria is always providing us with the newest updates and information, which I am then able to provide to my families and educators.
  • We are always kept up to date with industry changes, particularly during the pandemic.
  • I really appreciate the speed and precision of the messages and news to guide our practice!
  • My families think I am so well informed in my correspondence with them!!!!

62% of our members had accessed the Member Portal over the last 12 months, with 87% of those finding it useful.

Member Helpdesk Support
89% of our surveyed members were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our regular Member Helpdesk Support via telephone and email.

Feedback included:

  • I have contacted the office a number of times for support and the team have always been extremely helpful.
  • Any time I get in contact, I am always greeted with happy, friendly helpful people who know the answers to my questions.
  • Always reliable and helpful with the right information at hand. If they cannot answer the question, within 24 hours a answer is given either by telephone or email.

Our Workplace Relations Helpline
89% of surveyed members said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with our Workplace Relations Helpline.

Here’s what some members had to say:

  • Amazing - always there when I need a question answered and guides me in the right direction that is needed.
  • Extremely helpful
  • This has been a great help, friendly team
  • Nice to know it’s there when needed

Networking opportunities and ongoing learning
90% of surveyed members were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the networking and ongoing learning opportunities available to them via their membership. These opportunities include the regular members meetings (now via Zoom), our Annual Conference/Summit, occasional webinars and our Leadership Retreats.

Only 52% of members had subscribed to the ACA Victoria Facebook Approved Providers Group, with 60% of those who do use it finding it useful.

Comments included:

The ACA Victoria Approved Providers Group is a very helpful communication platform

• Have thoroughly enjoyed the networking meetings and these have been very valuable.

Supplier partnerships and discounts
85% of members surveyed said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the supplier partnerships and discounts available to them.

Comments and suggestions included:

  • We have used quite a few services
  • Great variety
  • Loving my Bunnings Powerpass card and Officeworks discount
  • We would like to hear of more recommendations especially sustainability options for suppliers.

We look forward to taking on some of the suggestions from our members via this feedback and continuing to offer a high level or service and value to our members throughout 2022.