Supplier Spotlight - Comcater

Comcater has been in operation for the last 40 years. It was founded by Kevin Wood and wife Nancy with one vision - to find and distribute world-class food service equipment that would improve and innovate food services in Australia. Insisting on using renowned brands such as RATIONAL, Frymaster, and Cambr, Comcater leads the way in supplying commercial kitchen equipment Australia-wide. These brands improve efficiency and have the added benefit of lowering overheads.

Comcater has ISO9001 Certification to ensure:

▪️ Consistent outcomes, performance, and service
▪️ Customer and key stakeholder satisfaction
▪️ Continued improvement of our customer experience

Phone: 1 300 309 262

Single use plastics ban start next month. 2023 Are you ready?

FACT- In Australia, we churn through more than 150,000 tons of plastic cling wrap every year, with approximately 84% of the waste sent into landfill or into our oceans.

Committed to food safety, durability and the environment Cambro food storage solutions can help you easily transition your operations to a more durable and long-term cost-effective storage option.

Early learning Business’ making the transition to Cambro see many benefits, including:

❖ Cambro storage products have an industry recognition against defect, and will last minimum of 10 years in a commercial kitchen application.

❖ Cambro storage products will last over 6,000 commercial dishwasher cycles.

❖ Cambro is internationally recognised as almost unbreakable.

❖ Cambro's food contact items are NSF-listed. An NSF listing on a foodservice product ensures that it will not leak harmful chemicals into food, is cleanable and is not likely to harbor bacteria.

❖ Cambro has no odour transfer between products, you can store onions in it today and milk in it tomorrow. In addition to solutions for food storage, other products in the Cambro ranges include:

❖ Plastic jugs, tumblers and glasses

❖ Meal delivery trays

❖ Shelving that will not ever rust or corrode, is food safe and anti-microbial

❖ Mobile handwashing and hand sanitiser dispensers

❖ Hot/Cold food transport carts Comcater is Australia’s leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier.

Speak to a Comcater equipment specialist to discover how you can easily implement long term storage options, improve your food service operations and increase your revenue. Contact Comcater on 1300 309 262 or visit .

Nutritious meals even your fussiest will love

Providing fresh, nutritious meals that kids love is a tall order. But, with the RATIONAL iCombi oven, preparing everything from crispy crumbed chicken to delicious baked muffins is easy.

The multifunctional RATIONAL iCombi oven steams, bakes, grills and fries. Everything can be done in one unit, it’s easily programmable so it can be used by all staff and if footprint and ventilation is an issue than the compact XS unit with the Ultravent Plus Condensation Hood will cater for your every need.

If it takes too long to wash little hands, the iCombi will adjust the cooking time to suit you. If a staff member opens the oven door, the temperature and length of time will change accordingly. The iCombi will fit in with your busy schedule.

Your staff simply place the food in the iCombi, shut the door and push a button. Pre-program your favourite menu items for consistent results. No chef training needed. Consistently browned chicken nuggets and crispy baked wedges will be hard for your fussiest eater to resist.

Instead of deep frying, the iCombi bakes chips, battered fish and spring rolls. The kids won’t notice the difference. But the results are healthier and just as crispy.

The iCombi even takes care of compliance for you. All HACCP data is recorded automatically for food safety.

CTA: Come and see the iCombi for yourself. Experience a RATIONAL live cooking event on January 31st at 10 am. 96 Tope St, South Melbourne