Meet the ACA Victoria Board for 2022/2023

ACA Victoria is exceptionally proud of our AGM process, and we want to thank everyone involved in delivering such a successful result. Everyone’s presence clearly demonstrated the interest & support of our company and a dedicated commitment to making an impact within the Early Childhood Sector.

We’re pleased to confirm that:

• 32 voting members were in attendance

• 26 via proxy


Election – Executive Committee


The election of our Executive Committee was professionally conducted, and we’d like to congratulate the successful candidates, listed below, including the appointment of the four Office Bearers.


Introducing your Executive Committee 2022/2023


In no particular order...
Jarrod Macdonald - Explorers ELC
Tonii Tran - Starfish ELC
Nick Moutzouris - Monash Vale ELC
Nicole Llewellyn - Owner and Approved Provider of Kool Kidz Mill Park & Director of Kiddie Cove
Sarah Tullberg - Knox Childcare& Kindergarten
Brooke Eerden - Dandenong Ranges Child Care Centre
Sally Orr - Meraki ELC
Paul Mondo – Bimbi ELC & Deer Park EL and Kindergarten
Sam Rosenberg - Buddies ELC


Office Bearers


President - Sarah Tullberg
Co - Vice Presidents - Tonii Tran and Nick Moutzouris 
Treasurer - Sam Rosenberg
Company Secretary - Sally Orr



We look forward to working with these newly appointed candidates to our Executive Committee, who’ll play a pivotal role in both leading and delivering ACA Victoria Strategic Direction at such a crucial & challenging time within our sector. As always, we also look forward to working with our valued members.

We would like to acknowledge Hamish Rotstein, Belinda Spillman, Tammy Bennett, and outgoing executive committee member, Jennifer Kearney for their participation in the election process and contribution to ACA Victoria.

Once the new Strategic Plan for 2023 - 2025 is in place, we’ll continue our advocation for excellence in the Early Childhood & Care Sector. A key initiative for 2023, will be IMMERSE, our redesigned annual Conference which will take place on 28-29th April 2023. Click here to register. More informatation to follow.


Thank you again for all your support.


Matthew Monaghan I Chief Executive Officer I ACA Victoria


Above photo: 2022/2023 Executive Committee from left to right:

Jarrod Macdonald; Tonni Tran; Nick Moutzouris; Nicole Llewellyn; Sarah Tullberg; Brooke Eerden; Sally Orr; Paul Mondo; Sam Rosenberg.


Congratulations on the successful candidates on the appointment to the Executive Committee and the appointment of the four Office Bearers.


The Victorian Government has introduced a number of reforms which support kindergarten access and quality in all settings, including Long Day Care (LDC).
ACA Victoria applauds the Victorian Goverment for recognising that high quality early childhood education can have long-lasting positive effects on the heath and success of Australia's young children.

Susan McDonald, from the Department of Education and Training, provided an update on these reforms at our recent Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 16 October 2019. 

The following funding and support is currently available to early learning service providers:

Susan pointed out that areas for collaborative work include:

  • Supporting more LDC services to become funded kindergarten providers (at any time, over 200 LDC services do not deliver a funded program)
  • Continuing to grow Early Start Kindergarten provision in LDC, noting that this is often the most practical option for carers of children in out of home care
  • Developing and trialling program models for the delivery of kindergarten in LDC that maximise access and affordability, including for disadvantaged families
  • Maximising the use of quality supports, particularly School Readiness Funding
  • Bringing more LDC services into council central enrolment schemes, not to replace but to complement existing enrolment processes

Susan's presentation on the suite of Victorian Government funding and support to the early learning sector can be read in full here


As you' know, the Fair Work Commission decided earlier this year to increase the minimum wage by 3% with effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July.

Our Industrial Relations Partner has now provided updated wage tables for both the Children's Services Award 2010 and the Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010, which were emailed to members this morning.

Members can also access the new wage tables at any time from our member portal.

Please log into the Member Portal and navigate to Members/Awards and Wage Tables

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on 03 9532 2017.