Changes to the LDCPDP guidelines

To support effective use of remaining LDCPDP funds, the Department of Education & Training will allow some limited, increased flexibility to LDCPDP funding recipients. Specifically, pre-payment of future PD that commences after 30 June 2017 may now be accepted as eligible expenditure under the LDCPDP provided: 

  • Payment is made prior to 30 June 2017; and
  • It is appropriately acquitted through the Financial Report due on or before 30 September 2017.

Associated activity (such as staff backfilling) may also be covered, provided the costs are recognised as expensed by 30 June 2017.

While this additional flexibility is now available to funding recipients, it is strictly time limited to only cover expenditure that can be fully acquitted in the Financial Report (due no later than 30 September 2017)

Read the full communique here



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