Early Childhood Training

ACA Victoria is proud to partner with Early Childhood Training (ECT), to help our members accelerate their careers in early learning. 


We know that early learning training programs can sometimes be impersonal or out of touch with the day to day operations of an early learning service. That's why it's important to find the right training provider.


ECT are specialists in only one thing; on the job and class based training for those looking to study Certificate III or the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. They offer frequent face-to-face contact, get to know each student incredibly well, are available at all times and provide practical guidance based on their 20 years of experience in owning, operating and working in early learning services and 8 years as trainers.


ACA members have access to free on-site and on-line training information sessions to hear about the process and benefits, run student Q&A sessions and receive regular Performance Development Plans (PDPs).


Reach out to them on 1300 139 778 or click here to discuss any of your training needs. Together let's help shape the new wave of educators in the Victorian early learning sector.