Both individually and as a member of the Australian Childcare Alliance, ACA Victoria actively engages with State and Federal governments on issues of significance to the sector and the private arm of the sector in particular. 


Regular meetings ensure that the most relevant topics remain front of mind. Media appearances and meetings with politicians of all persuasions take place frequently. 


Previous recent areas of focus include:


  • Engagement with the Victorian State Government in discussions around its 3 year old kindergarten policy
  • Successfully lobbying the Tasmanian Government to maintain the school starting age, ensuring the best outcomes for children & the viability of the sector
  • Involvement in working groups implementing, monitoring and recommending amendments to the Child Care Subsidy 
  • Lobbying to introduce amendments to the National Quality Framework to assist in the reduction of red tape and administrative burden as a result of the implementation of the NQF

We regularly seek member feedback on these issues by way of surveys and face to face discussions at meetings.


Please feel free to email us or phone us on 03 9532 2017 about any issues of particular concern.