About the session: 3.45pm - 4.45pm Day 2

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, Multiverse and Louise Dorrat, Early Childhood Consultant
The National Quality Framework - The Musical!

In an all singing all dancing extravaganza, dramaturgical early childhood thespians Dr Red Ruby Scarlet and Louise Dorrat present a splendiferous spectacular salubrious engagement with the National Quality Framework. Grounded in poststructuralist theory, this keynote address is based on the questions:

  • What counts as valid knowledge?
  • Who decides?
  • And in whose interest are they enacted?

These questions asked by Patti Lather (1991) similarly appear on page 13 in Principle 5 of the EYLF, of which Dr Scarlet was an architect. Using everyday life examples - such as the infamous “Working Toward Toast”, the constant debate about the “inappropriate footwear” and the “bed side table learning environments”, this keynote goes off script to engage with the National Quality Framework in ways that are creative, fun and rigorous.

Get ready for an intellectual, ironic, engaging, toe tapping, hand clapping, finger snapping interactive performance festooned with favourite tunes including the smash hits

  • 'QIP as easy as 123’ (composed with The Jackson 5)
  • ‘QA1 Rhapsody’ (composed with Queen) and
  • ‘E.Y.L.F.’ (composed with The Village People)

You’ll be dancing away convinced that dramatic arts are valid knowledge and they are a useful way to engage with, build understandings, and make sense of, The National Quality Framework.