Preventing Water Damage in Early Childhood Centers: The Crucial Role of Leak-Stopping Devices

Gumboots shouldn’t be part of your morning uniform

After seeing countless claims in the early childhood education and care sector for extensive water damage, Guild Insurance launched a leak-stopping device pilot. We arranged partnerships with 2 leak-stopping device companies, Water Secure Co. and Aqua Trip, for our customers to take advantage of. We had 10 customers take part in this pilot to make sure the device was the best value for approved providers around the country.

Paul’s story

One Friday night, one of our pilot participants learnt exactly valuable these devices can be. It was 11pm and Paul Mondo, President of the ACA and approved provider of Bimbi Early Learning, was home when he received a notification from his Water Secure app. Unusual water flow had been detected and the leak-stop device had turned off the water mains. Paul reset the device, and 15 minutes later, he received the same notification that the device had shut off the water mains again. He decided to leave the mains off, and head to the centre to investigate.

When Paul arrived, he checked over the premise – nothing was out of the ordinary. He reset the device and waited. Like clockwork, the device shut the mains off again, citing unusual water flow. Paul looked under the manhole cover to make sure the area under the stumps was dry. Met with steam, he knew it was the hot water pipe. A plumber confirmed that there had been a leaking pipe in the subfloor of the building. It would have completely inundated the foundations, flooding the centre, had the device not been in place.

After a quick call to his Guild Account Manager, it’s safe to say that if Paul hadn’t had this device, the centre would have been hit with more costs than just a broken pipe.

Dianne’s experience

Similarly, Dianne of Explore & Develop owns 3 large services. Her Guild Account Manager had discussed the benefits of installing a water-saving device. Satisfied with the conversation and the discount she received on the device, Dianne had them installed.

After a quiet weekend, she returned to the centre to see that water was switched off. Turning it back on, water started to flow immediately from the roof! Dianne called her plumber. What could have been upwards of a $500,000 claim was reduced the cost of the call out of a plumber and minimal damage repair.

Peace of mind, whether you have a 25-placement or a 120-placement service

The potential costs to Paul and Dianne if water had completely inundated their premises include:

  • shutting the service due to damage
  • extensive downtime for repair work
  • the risk of not securing identical placement numbers prior to the pipe bursting
  • employees seeking employment elsewhere

Taking this step can also help keep business insurance premium increases to a minimum.

Backed by 60 years of claims data
Guild works to proactively reduce the risks you might face every day. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of bringing you solutions like this because we’re with you every step of the way, not just when a claim occurs.

To read more about water damage prevention, click here or watch our video on how a leak-stopping device helped Paul and the Bimbi Early Learning here.


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